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Monday, September 10, 2018

12 Alternative Therapy Treatments For Cancer

What Are The Different Types Of Tumors?

Any tumor can be of either type of tumor cells that form when the cells come out of their pattern and grow out of control.

There are 2 types of tumor cells:

benign, and the other malignant.

1st Benign Tumor

What is benign cancer?

Is a type of tumor cells that is characterized by non-aggressive cancer cells and non-transfer of the disease to other organs, unlike the malignant tumor type.
Most benign tumors do not need treatment but mostly need to be limited and removed by surgery.

The benign tumor is characterized by the following:
1- The benign tumor grows slowly.
2 - the benign tumor has a space that separates it from the tissue around it which makes its surgical removal a much easier procedure.
3. Cells forming the benign tumor are rational cells and can function very normally.
4. Death is rarely caused except if pressure is exerted on a vital area.
5 - The most significant element that differentiates benign and malignant tumors is that the benign type does not move from one place to another, while malignant tumors do move.


2nd The Malignant Tumor

What is a malignancy?

It is a type of tumor cells that are cancerous,
and as these cancerous tumors attack and destroy the cells and tissues surrounding them and have a high ability to spread to other organs and body cells.

Malignant tumor characterized by:
1 - grows rapidly and invades the surrounding tissue.
2 - Cancer cells are not fully formed and their only function is mainly to divide and multiply.
3 - might causes death.
4 - The most important characteristic of malignant tumors is their spreading feature, as they will continue to invade the infected body either through blood vessels, lymph nodes or through the surrounding tissues directly.
5 - is characterized by their mobility "which means that it is moving to distant tissues" .


Dealing with Different Types of Tumor Cells

1st treatment of benign tumors

Many times the doctor simply waits for watchful waiting for benign tumors without any treatment,
But if it caused other problems or pains, and if any further symptoms appeared on the patient, it must then be removed surgically without affecting the adjacent tissue.
There are also other treatments for benign tumors other than surgery,  Including radiotherapy and pharmacotherapy.

2nd Treatment of Malignant Tumors

Treatments for this type of tumor cells include:
Chemotherapy drug therapy.
Directed therapy is a treatment that uses drugs or other substances and is designed to attack cancer cells accurately. This method of treatment results in slight damage to non-cancerous cells.
Immunotherapy A treatment performed by a person's immune system to fight cancer cells.
Radiotherapy It destroys cancer cells using high-energy molecules or waves. Surgical treatment

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