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Monday, September 10, 2018

50 Foods That Fight Cancer Tumors

50 Foods That Fight Cancer Tumors

Have you ever expected your healthy diet to positively affect your body in fighting cancer?
If your answer is no, here's the surprise.
A healthy diet rich in antioxidants, while avoiding processed foods,
can enhance immunity and resistance to many diseases,
including all types of cancer.

Here Is A List Of 50 Amazing 50 Foods That Fight Cancer Tumors

1. Apple tops the list of 50 Foods That Fight Cancer Tumors

Apple contains antioxidants to help fight cancer cells,
It’s advised to eat unpeeled apples to ensure the maximum benefit from it.

2. Carrots

Carrots help to prevent cancer by containing vitamin A and carotene antioxidant.

3 - Coconut Oil

Saturated fats in coconut oil help rid the body of cancer-causing chemicals.

4 - Lemon

Because it contains the chemical lemon citric acid,
lemon is one of the best 50 Foods That Fight Cancer Tumors.

5 - Pineapple

The enzyme bromelain in pineapple works to limit the growth of cancer cells.

6 - Cinnamon

Its anti-inflammatory properties and prevention of tumors make cinnamon the best 50 Foods That Fight Cancer Tumors.

7 - Beets

Many scientific studies have proven the miraculous ability of beets to fight cancer and prevent it as well
because it enhances the production of nitric oxide,
which promotes blood circulation of the body.

8 - Watermelon

Because it contains an abundant amount of antioxidant lycopene,
The melon is considered from foods that kill cancer cells.

9 - Grapes

The antioxidant resveratrol found in grapes plays a key role in cancer prevention.

10. Bananas

The brown spots found on ripe bananas produce a protein called Tumor necrosis factor alpha,
which works to break down cancerous cells and any other abnormal cell formation in the body.

11 - Figs

Specially Dried figs are a great source of fibers,
Thus reducing the risk of having some types of cancer.

12 - Avocados

Because of the avocado’s anti-cancer properties and containing the fat of "Novocaine B",
avocado is one of the best 50 Foods That Fight Cancer Tumors

13 - Apricots

Apricot contains vitamin B17 which is known for its ability in cancer prevention.

14 - Green Beans

Great fiber amounts in green beans make it one of the super Foods That Fight Cancer Tumors.

15. Cauliflower

Cauliflower contains the substance of sulforaphane, which is well known for its cancer-prevention properties.

16 - Onions

Onions contain natural chemicals that prevent the growth of cancerous cells in specific parts of the body,
such as the lungs, breast, esophagus, and colon.

17. Tomatoes

Contains large amounts of antioxidants that prevent the body from developing ovarian cancer.

18 - Celery

Celery contains many phytochemicals that if found in many types of plant,
Makes it one of the Foods That Fight Cancer Tumors.

19 - Garlic

Its antibacterial and inflammatory properties give the garlic the ability to prevent the growth of any malformed cells as well as cancer cells.

20. Cucumber

Because it is rich in antioxidants as well as fibers, it helps to treat colon cancer.

21. Broccoli

Broccoli contains the  thiocyanate substance,
Thiocyanate is a substance that activates certain genes in the body that help fight cancer.

22. Peas

Is a very effective vegetable in the prevention of throat cancer, in addition to it is of the richest sources of vegan proteins.

23 - Mushrooms

Mushrooms contain natural antibodies that fight against forming any cancer cells,
as well as boosting our immune system.

24 - Cabbage

Its anti-cancer properties and its containment of natural chemicals that enhance the immune system overall performance,
making cabbage one of the most effective 50 Foods That Fight Cancer Tumors.

25 - Sprouts

Sprouts contain some anticancer nutrients that help against the formation of cancerous tumor cells it as well as killing them if any

26- Spinach

Spinach is very rich in fiber content, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that help the body resist cancer.

27-  Mustard Leaves (Mustard Greens)

These leaves contain a high percentage of antioxidants that specifically fight ovarian cancer.

28 - Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are a rich source of healthy nutrients and flavonoids that reduce the risk of developing cancer.

29 - Ginger

According to many studies, ginger has the same ability as chemotherapy limits and kill cancer, helping to curb the growth of cancer cells, especially in the ovaries.

30. Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds contain some substances that help to prevent gastrointestinal cancer,
As well as slowing down the growth of cancer cells in general.

31 - Curry Leaves

Their an anti-cancer feature, makes it top the list of 50 Foods That Fight Cancer Tumors.

32 - Chili Pepper

The capsaicin in the chili is way too powerful that it actually can kill in malformed cells.

33- Meat

Lean meat is a good source of both protein and iron, such as chicken, turkey and lean beef help fight cancer.

34. Eggs

Eggs contain a high dosage of protein that resists lung cancer

35 - Coffee

Coffee can be of great help to people undergoing chemotherapy,
so it is advisable to drink coffee before or after chemo sessions,
Only after consulting your doctor.

36- Baking Soda

It limits the growth of lung cancerous cells,
Thus used in fighting them.

37. Stevia Plant (Sugar Substitute )

An alternative to the regular Sugar, which is no need to mention how dangerous is using a lot of added sugars by all means
In addition, Stevia plant has many antioxidant-properties also of a great role in fighting cancer.

38. Vinegar

Vinegar fights and kills free radicals
free radicals are responsible for forming cancerous cells and many other diseases.

39 - Dried fruits

They also contain concentrated amounts of fibers and antioxidants
Dried fruits nutrients also kill free radicals making them out of Foods That Fight Cancer Tumors.

40. Corn

Corn cobs contain beta-cryptoxanthin that prevents developing lung cancerous cell.

41 - Almond milk

Almond Milk is high in soluble fibers,
Thus including almond milk in your daily diet will have amazing effects on preventing colon cancer.

42 - Walnuts

Because it contains an abundant amount of vitamin E,
which is responsible for strengthening the immune system,
Thus walnuts are hands down one of the ultimate Foods That Fight Cancer Tumors.

43- Olive Oil

Because it contains an antioxidant “hydroxytyrosol”,
This natural compound makes olive oil do an amazing job in fighting breast cancer.

44 - Barley

The barley contains the SOD enzyme "superoxide",
which helps to destroy free radicals,
thus preventing the body from developing cancer tumors.

45 - Seaweed

Seaweed contains fucoidan,
Which is proven by scientific studies to kill cancer cells even as late as in the 5th stage of cancer disease.

46. Roots of Dandelion

Dandelion roots work on selective cell regulation,
which is a type of cancer cell monitoring, which later destroys them.

47 - Buckwheat

Wheat seeds are well-known for their anti-cancer qualities,
so they prevent the spread of many types of this malignant disease.

48 - Alfalfa

In addition to alfalfa, rich in minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium
As well as it does great as one of the Foods That Fight Cancer Tumors.

49. Parsnip

White carrots contain many plant nutrients that help prevent some of cancer cell types.

50. Tangerines Fruit

The tangerine bulb contains some flavonoids that help to get rid of cancer cells in the brain.

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