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Monday, September 10, 2018

How To Get Rid Of A Cold Before It Starts

How To Get Rid Of A Cold Before It Starts

Learn about the most important things you have been doing wrong, making your common cold symptoms even worse
In winter’s cold weathers,
It is not only the season of and spreading joy,
Better yet the holidays’ cold weathers trigger many viruses as the ones causing the flu and the common cold.
And sometimes we do things that we think help us in treating our common cold but the truth is they are only making our cold go even worse.

How To Get Rid Of A Cold Before It Starts


1. Pretending That It's All Good

It's easy to say that you do not have a cold because of the things and work you have accumulated,
but this is one of the worst things you do if you’re sick!
Pretending that you are not sick and in order to practice daily your regular life activities,
Will accordingly  make it difficult for your body to be able to fight the virus,
As well as prolonging your healing process!
Talk to your boss and tell him that you need even a 1-day off work, whenever you’re not feeling okay as in catching a heavy cold.


2. Spreading Not The Love But  Your Germs

The incubation period of a cold virus is up to two or three days,
meaning that you will feel the disease after a period from the virus getting into your body,
So you might e spreading your disease without even knowing!
however, once your symptoms start to show up keep your viruses away from others.
You should cover your mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing,
Avoid hugging and kissing especially younger kids,
and wash your hands constantly with soap and water, so as not to spread your viruses around the house and workplace.

3. Avoid Antibiotics Misuse

Many people take antibiotics for a common cold,
Which is gonna be totally useless for treating your common cold,
because of the antibiotic targets only the bacteria.
Taking antibiotics without needing them, will make your body resistance against the effect of antibiotics,
Making any future use of antibiotics, when they are really needed and essential for treating a viral infection,
Going to have no effect at all on killing such virus

4- Keeping Your Body Fairly Hydrated

When you have a cold you feel that you are unable to swallow any food or even a drink, which is normal,
But doing so would be hazardous to your health.
During illnesses of any kind,
you should consume enough fluids to avoid dehydration,
And it is important to try to eat a chicken soup to induce your healing process.


5. Stop Smoking

It is important to quit smoking for life not only when you catch a cold,
However, this is very important in the case of common cold. Smoking causes irritation to the lungs and the resulted cough will multiply the severity of the mild symptoms of a common cold
This applies to passive smoking as well,
so try to stay away from smokers as much as possible also as a general rule,
But especially when you get cold.

6- Not Taking Anything To Help You Except Your Medications

Dependence on over-the-counter medicines to treat the common cold,
may not actually help treat your symptoms.
Try not to overuse medications and give yourself and your body a chance to rest and resist this infection on its own,
To give it a future immunity against similar infections.
You should make sure to follow the instructions attached to the drugs and not increase the dose involved.

Did you know that an adult gets colds 2-3 times a year, while children may get sick more than 8+ times a year?

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