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Monday, September 10, 2018

How To Get Rid Of The Common Cold Fast

How To Get Rid Of The Common Cold Fast

Some visitors asked us about how to get rid of cold fast, using natural ways at home.
So We put some of the  best ways and home remedies to treat your common cold safe and fast


How To Get Rid Of The Common Cold Fast

“For Adults Only”

Flu or any aother viral diseases have no specific treatment
As they usually take their time inside the body from 2 to 5 days and then its symptoms starts fading and then you’re cured :)
However, most of the common cold medication or even home remedies are prescribed to relieve the patient from the discomfort and the pain of its symptoms.
Such as:
  • Painkillers
  • Nose drops
  • Anti Congestion medicines
  • Antihistamine
  • Cough medicines

Most of the common cold medications are sold over the counter without the need for a doctor’s prescription,
Yet, consult your pharmacist and read the leaflet of any medicine before using it,
To void any unwanted complications

The reader should know the difference between flu and common colds,
since the difference between them is
  • The flu is accompanied by high temperature and muscle aches
  • while common colds are less severe than the flu.

How To Get Rid Of The Common Cold Fast

Here is now the best natural common cold remedies for much faster relief of your symptoms:

1- The Therapeutic Capabilities Of The Chicken Soup Is Not A Myth, Science Has Confirmed It!

Did you doubt your grandma's words about the magic chicken soup recipe that she used to cure colds and other illnesses?
Science has proved that your grandmother was right!!
Recent research has shown that hot chicken soup may be the best treatment for winter common cold.
The study found that chicken soup has the ability to alleviate the symptoms of a common cold that affect the respiratory system and appear loud and clear to the infected person,
All is because of this soup of anti-inflammatory properties.
Researchers at the University of Nebraska in the United States of America developed three different recipes for chicken soup under study.

Easy Chicken Soup From Scratch Simply DELICIOUS

The recipes of the chicken soups they used as a common cold remedy included the following ingredients:
  • A whole chicken with bones
  • Onions
  • sweet potatoes
  • Carrots
  • white turnips
  • Celery
  • Parsley
  • salt and spices

The researchers monitored the effect of chicken soup on the speed of movement of a particular type of white blood cells,
usually produced by the body to fight infection,
to test whether the movement of this type of cells specifically is either increased or decreased after eating chicken soup,
especially since researchers believe that the speed of movement of these cells Is responsible for the appearance of the common cold symptoms.
Indeed, the researchers found that the chicken soup slowed down the pace and speed of the movement of the said type of white blood cells,
Therefore minimizing the symptoms of the disease on the upper half of the respiratory system.
The researchers also suggested other important factors that made the chicken soup cure actually works:
  • Eating chicken soup has the effect of placebo or a pill of counterfeit medicine.
  • Not to mention that the body needs to make up for the fluid it loses during illness, which is certainly provided by chicken soup to the patient.
  • Another 40-year old study has shown that the smell of soup and spices used in preparation, significantly help to relieve congestion of the throat and respiratory tract and soften the mucus, which usually accompanied colds or colds.

The recipe for chicken soup for curing a common cold has been mentioned in many texts of ancient philosophers and doctors,
and today was believed that the benefits are nothing more than rumors,
which began the recent studies, in order to confirm the benefits of the healthy chicken soup.

Scientists remain puzzled about why the chicken soup has been highly effective in the treatment of common cold,
but they think it is a perfect combination of ingredients that are still under consideration for relieving the annoying symptoms of common cold.

2- How To Get Rid Of The Common Cold Fast Using Lemons

  • This common cold remedies will include basic ingredients of:
a lemon + white honey + tea, whether the tea is green or black.
Lemon helps to reduce the symptoms of common cold and the honey helps to remove the congestion caused by mucus clogging the nose and throat.
  • Lemon Gargle can also be prescribed in the case if there is inflammation or soaring in the throat
In this case, 2 lemons juice is used for each cup of warm tea.
This recipe is used 5 times a day or as needed.

3- How To Get Rid Of The Common Cold Fast With Herbal Tea

Perhaps the best herbs that first came to your mind when we first asked how to get rid of a cold fast,
were the magic mixture of ginger and cinnamon
and you might use this recipe as follows:
  • Add a small piece of fresh ginger + teaspoon of dried cinnamon powder or a large cinnamon stick to a large cup of hot water and preferably sweetened with honey, and cover for 5 minutes before drinking.

Where helps ginger to contain some volatile substances in the opening up and clearing the air passages and removing congestion caused by mucus
The honey also helps to expel phlegm
These benefits are doubled in the case of adding some cinnamon,

4- How To Get Rid Of The Common Cold Fast Only By Drinking A Lot Of Fluids?

Of course, when you have a cold,
your body needs plenty of fluids to make up for what has been lost in order to avoid dehydration.
The right choice of quality fluid can greatly help speed up the healing process.
  • The best fluids to help with treatment are fruit juices of all kinds
  • Of course, orange juice contains a lot of vitamin C,
which helps to combat the symptoms of the flu.
  • 2 medium or large orange juice and preferably not filtered juice
  • As these fibers are very useful to our digestive system as well
  • Drink this 3 times daily and a glass of orange juice of large size before bedtime.
  • Also if you like guava, you’ll be delighted to know that,
  • guava has more vitamin C than any other fruit !!

4- All Of These Common Cold Remedies Are Worthless If You Didn’t Rest

Of course, your body is doing a great deal of effort to resist the active virus.
Try not to increase that load as possible.
so you should rest in bed and not try any heavy activities especially on the first and second day of your common cold.

5- Some Additional Ways To Get Rid Of Common Cold

One of the most painful symptoms of common colds is the muscle aches,
So one of the best ways to deal with this problem is to sit in a bathtub filled with hot water up to your neck,
To relax your body muscles.
Just try to put on your clothes once getting out of the water to avoid another round of the cold virus :D

Dry Mouth Using Special Mama Trish Plan

In the morning:
  • when waking up, start your day with a hot shower accompanied continuous massage of the head and neck,
especially the area behind the neck preferably not less than the 15 minutes.
  • Then make a large cup of ginger + cinnamon + freshly squeezed lemon juice,
sweetened with honey.
and drink it while it still warm.

For lunch:
prepare chicken soup,
consisting of 2 medium onions + 5-10 cloves of garlic + a decent amount of black pepper + juice of a lemon.
Eat a full dish of the soup with half a bulb of the cooked onion.

During the rest of the day:
Drink 2 glasses of guava juice.
  • Try to take a day or two off work if you can
  • Drink as many warm herbal drinks as you can
  • Try to avoid caffeinated drinks as much as possible as it leads to restless sleep and dehydration

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