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Monday, September 10, 2018

Soursop Natural Cancer Killer Myth or Fact Investigation

Soursop Natural Cancer Killer

Soursop, Graviola or Guanabana are all just different names for
this magical tropical fruit that has been used for centuries by
ancient civilizations in curing so many diseases such as:
-Diarrhea and
-Liver diseases
- Many heart conditions-
-Not mentioning of course the 12 types of malignant tumors treated and
healed with this magical Guanabana cancer cure.

 Graviola was originally found and planted in the Andes Mountains in
South America especially in Peru and Ecuador.

Soursop Natural Cancer Killer, A Myth Or A Fact?

A lot of scientific studies and researches have been done upon the Graviola,
in attempt to figure out whether the Guanabana cancer cure is just an ancient myth or it’s a scientifically proven fact.
* One of these major researches was first done by Latin American scientists in 1970.
* The same results they found about the myth of Guanabana cancer cure, was later confirmed by a study in the University of Omaha, that actually has proven what amazing effects the concentrated extracts of Guanabana has in curing or at least reducing the growth of 12 different kinds of malignant tumors including:
-Pancreatic cancer
-Prostatic cancer
-Ovarian cancer
-Breast cancer
-Cervical cancer
-Lung cancer
-Liver cancer
-Colon cancer
* Another recent study upon the Guanabana cancer cure was done in the University of Purdue in the state of Indiana USA,
The study actually has proven some of anti-cancerous effects of the boiled leaves of Guanabana tree
in fighting the growth of the cancerous cells!!

How Does Soursoup Taste Like?

Of course, if you are looking only for the Guanabana cancer cure,
it might not be a significant issue to ask about its taste,
Yet if you are looking for it just for its other uncountable benefits,
you’ll probably be triggered to ask about
how does this strange-looking fruit will taste like..

Well here’s the full experience for eating Guanabana.

1st Try to pick the ripe guanabanas as they will taste much better and sweeter than hard green ones.

2nd open the fruit with a knife or even with your bare hand if it’s completely ripe.
3rd  You’ll now see the inside of or miraculous Guanabana cancer cure,
it has a thick creamy white texture with a lot of large black seeds that you’ll need to remove before eating.
4th   After removing the seeds, you can now use a spoon to scoop the inside of the guanabana out
and enjoy its strange yet delicious taste,
which is a unique mix of some other fruit like Guava, strawberries, pineapples and banana.

Guanabana nutrition facts

The guanabana cancer cure is not its only medical value as it’s very rich in so many different nutrients.

As each 100 gram of the Ganabana fruit contains the following:
  • 74 calories
  • 14 g of sugar
  • 1 g protein
  • 0.3 g fat
  • 3.3 g fibers
  • 16 g carb
  • 0.07 mg B1
  • 0.05 mg B2
  • 0.9 mg B3
  • 0.25 mg B5
  • 0.06 mg B6
  • 14 mg B9
  • 14 mg calcium
  • 0.6 mg Iron
  • 0.1 mg Zinc
  • 278 mg Potassium
  • 14 mg Sodium
  • 27 mg Phosphorus
  • 21 mg Magnesium
  • 20 mg Vitamin C

6 Other Therapeutic Benefits for the Guanabana Cancer Cure

Soursoup does not only magically cure cancer,
It’s also known for a lot other medical abilities, 
that are due to how rich the Guanabana is with very important nutrients, for the overall body health and well being.

1- Graviola Protects Your Heart

As it has about 9% of our body daily need of fibers which have a great effect in raising HDL good cholesterol levels as well as lowering the bad cholesterol levels thus preventing and reducing risks for strokes, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

2- It improves our Immune System performance

With an abundance of vitamin C that protects our bodies against cold and flu severe attacks, as well as increasing our bodies’ ability to absorb and benefit from the iron found in the food we digest.

3-The Vitamin B6:

found in the Guanabana cancer cure either the fruit or its extract works as a natural sedative and relaxant so it helps a lot in reducing our stress levels, anxiety, dizziness
and even more, it has a positive effect on diminishing and reducing some of the symptoms of Parkinson disease.

4- Soursoup Benefits For Your Digestive System

The miraculous Guanabana cancer cure fruit has been known and used by ancient doctors to clean the intestine as it improves your bowel movement
which means that your body can get rid of toxins and harmful residuals resulted from the natural digestion process that’s why it’s proven to cure the colon cancer.
It also helps to get rid of bloating and the treatment of hemorrhoids;
because it contains high dietary fiber content.

5- Guanabana protects against premature aging:

Give the skin a more youthful appearance,
It contributes to skin tightening and cell renewal, because it contains antioxidants.

6- Increase and strengthen the body's immunity:

The fruit of the cream contains a high proportion of vitamin C estimated 15% of the body's daily needs,
Which contributes to strengthening the immune system,
and protection from infection of many diseases such as influenza and colds,
as well as increasing the absorption of iron mineral from food,
along with strengthen the veins and capillaries.

Complications Of The Unsupervised Intake Of The Guanabana Cancer Cure

  • Eating the fruit of the graviola is completely safe in case of only eating its white bulbWhile it is dangerous if the person eaten its black seed; As they contain toxic substances.
  •  Avoid eating the fruit of the soursoup for pregnant women
  • A doctor's Advice is a must in most cases when any natural herbs or remedies are used for dealing with major health problems

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