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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Best online investment platforms

Best online investment platforms

The best digital currency trading platforms are what we will give you in this quick article. Dear reader, Speculation on the digital currencies has become a reality. You can sell and buy Bitcoin, dash coin, or Rippleand other digital currencies through the best online investment platforms that we will tell you about it in this article.
Here is a list of the best online investment platforms
1.       Binance is one of the best online investment platforms for many reasons, the most important of which is the daily trading volume is above $ 3 billion a day, it has a high volume of trading. Of course, there are other platforms, but Binanceis the most famous platform, which is an Asian platform that moved its business from China after China tightened its measures against digital currencies, the registration without the verification of the possibility, and the trading is in many currencies, and the platform has a special currency which is bnb.
2.       cexio:It Is a website for buying digital currencies through Visa, and at the same time there is a trading platform, that is mean that it is (3 in 1)purchase and trading at the same time, this platform/ site offers a service to withdraw money on the Visa after the sale of digital currencies.cexio is really one of the best online investment platforms
3.       Bittrex: It is a Forex trading platform located in the United States, high trading, availability of trading many currencies after registration, your account is restricted and requires verification of the account for saving your account.
4.       BITFINEX: It is a giant trading platform with a daily trading volume of close to half a billion dollars, you can follow your account easily as this platform provides applications of Android and iPhone offer some currency trading, not all.

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