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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Cleopatra Queen Of The Nile, The Most Famous Female Pharaoh

Cleopatra Queen Of The Nile, The Most Famous Female Pharaoh

Cleopatra is the last queen of Ancient Pharaonic Egypt, and one of the most famous rulers in history.
The tragic story of Cleopatra's life has inspired many writers, Which made Shakespeare himself to put her story in one of his most epic novels.
Cleopatra Queen of the Nile is the seventh most famous king of the pharaohs who ruled Egypt, She is the seventh queen of the Greek Macedonian dynasty.
The name Cleopatra in Greek means the daughter of glory, Her father is Ptolemy XII, and her mother is Cleopatra the Fifth. This queen ruled Egypt with her brother Ptolemy XIII

Cleopatra's Marriage

She was married to her brother as customary at these Ancient times in Egypt where they were trying to maintain the purity of their royal blood.
Cleopatra was at the age of eighteen, and her brother was ten years old, Ptolemy XIII was the last kings of the pharaohs in Egypt, and another of the ruling of the Macedonian dynasty that ruled Egypt for almost three centuries in the period BC.

Cleopatra's personality

Cleopatra had a strong personality with intelligence and subtlety, strategic thinking and wisdom, strong will and love for glory. She captivated the hearts of two of the greatest men of that time: Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius. Cleopatra the queen of the nile, has been described several times in many novels and history books as fascinating, You'll be shocked to know that all of her pictures, coins, and monuments that are now being published in many museums, have shown after examination by experts and archaeologists that Queen Cleopatra was not of any kind of real beauty by all standards;
But her real charm was the influential character that made her the most unforgettable Egyptian queen Over the ages and throughout the history of all ancient civilizations.

The story of Cleopatra's rule

Shortly after Cleopatra took the throne, her brother's guardians arrested her and expelled her to Alexandria. Egypt was under Roman protection. This coincided with the arrival of Julius Caesar, the ruler of Rome, to the city of Alexandria, who fought his Egyptian opponents and drowned Cleopatra's brother Ptolemy XIII during his attempt to escape and to regain his throne back. Cleopatra gave birth to a son who claimed to be the son of Julius Caesar and named the baby Caesar. Julius Caesar was then killed in Rome. Egypt was part of the Eastern Roman Empire that belonged to Marcus Antonius, the Roman emperor, who shared the Roman Empire with Octavius after Julius Caesar was killed. Cleopatra loved and married her and had three children. At the time of Octavius's arrival at the Egyptian border,

Cleopatra's suicide

Marcus Antonius killed himself when he heard a false news about her beloved Queen Cleopatra's death.
Then when Cleopatra heard the news about him dead, she decided to kill herself as she couldn't stand to live without him. She committed suicide by letting a poisonous Cobra snake bit her, and Egypt later fell under Roman rule.

Cleopatra The Queen Of The Nile As Of Today

In the centuries following her death, Cleopatra's life captivated many historians and storytellers, As well as the general public. Cleopatra's relationship with Mark Anthony was the cornerstone for many dramatic novels, movies and plays about the queen's life, for example, her story became an important source of inspiration for William Shakespeare's play Antony and Cleopatra (in 1607). the Queen's distinctive story factor was her living in such a masculine society. In an era when Egypt was preoccupied with internal and external battles, In which Cleopatra was held for the country, and proved her strength as a leader like any of her male counterparts.
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