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Friday, December 7, 2018

How To Control Pregnancy Weight Gain First Trimester

Controlling First Trimester Pregnancy Weight Gain

My first-trimester pregnancy weight gain was very important to me when I found out I was pregnant with our second child.  After all, during my first pregnancy, I'd gained over 100 pounds and I had vowed not to have the same weight gain during this pregnancy. 
I was so worried.  Gaining too much weight was not good for me.  I got so large so quickly that my ligaments didn't have time to stretch properly causing me immense pain.  I was miserable, on bed rest due to my size and worried sick about the health of my unborn son.  Luckily, he was born 5 1/2 weeks early without serious complications, but I know things could have been much worse.  I knew I couldn't go through that stress again!
When I found out I was pregnant with our second child, just like anyone would, I scoured the internet looking for information.  I found out through a website called  Pregnancy Without Pounds that I needed to take control during my first trimester.  Here is my journey and hopefully this will help you with your pregnancy!
First Trimester Pregnancy Weight Gain

Choosing The Right Foods To Help You Control Pregnancy Weight Gain First Trimester

You ARE what you eat!
I found out during my first trimester of pregnancy, weight gain should be kept to a minimum. Your nutrition plays a huge role in how you feel during your first trimester. I learned that it is true that your baby will take all the nutrients he/she needs to continue to grow. If this means taking calcium away from your bones, so be it - your baby isn't picky and won't hesitate to take what it needs from you. The problem is, it leaves you lacking the nutrients that you will need in order to continue to be healthy yourself and keep the pounds off!
Another thing Pregnancy Without Pounds taught me is that you can control your cravings. They have a neat system to help you stay away from those foods that will make you fat and begin to crave the good foods that will help your baby grow and keep you feeling healthy and strong. Seriously, it really works! I found that using this method allowed me to beat my strongest craving - Taco Bell! I craved Mexican food SO BAD my first trimester! My husband (who loves Mexican food) wasn't too happy about that :)

Getting Exercise To Control Pregnancy Weight Gain First Trimester

The Time to Start is NOW!
Before I got pregnant I'll admit, I wasn't the most disciplined person in the world when it came to exercise. I suppose it was because I didn't have a strong motivator like I did this time around. It's amazing what wanting to keep the pregnancy pounds off can do for your motivation!
My main form of exercise prior to my pregnancy was walking. I didn't want to become a fitness instructor (just look like one). Hee Hee. It was great that Pregnancy Without Pounds had pre-setup workouts that I could choose from depending on my energy level that day. And, during that first trimester, there were a BUNCH of days that I could barely make it through dinner without falling asleep, rather less doing a workout.
But, there were 3 different routines already pre-setup for days like those too! I found myself using the tired mama routine on many an occasion and I was thankful for it! I also found it helpful to use the stretching exercise and core exercises. Not only did these make me feel so much better - but I can't say enough about how much doing the core exercises they suggest helped make delivering our second son so much easier!

Getting Personal Support to Maintain a Normal First Trimester Pregnancy Weight Gain

First Trimester Pregnancy Weight Gain
This, to me, is probably one of the most important things I have to suggest to you during your first trimester. You are going to have questions...TONS of questions about staying on track with your meals and with your workouts. It is so important that you have someone who is qualified to answer these questions available to you. This is why I was so impressed with Pregnancy Without Pounds. They didn't just give you workout and meal programs and leave you on your own.
Let me tell you - in your first trimester your hormones are on a rollercoaster as well as your emotions. Sometimes, you need someone to bounce things off of. If you have a friend to give you moral support, this is perfect. Sometimes it takes another woman to help you air out your issues.
I found myself contacting the representatives a LOT about nutrition questions. This was the true area I struggled with before getting pregnant because I am a food addict. I found that just knowing there was someone there to talk to made things so much easier! LOL - I must have called at least a hundred times! I'm surprised they didn't start blocking my calls :).

Tell Me About Your First Trimester Pregnancy Weight Gain

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