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Saturday, December 8, 2018

How To Get Your Nose Unclogged - Nasal Congestion Relief

How To Get Your Nose Unclogged - Nasal Congestion Relief

When you feel that your nose is stuffed and inflamed, this is a nasal congestion,
According to the National Institutes of Health, the pressure and pain associated with nasal congestion usually improve on its own within one week or two.
However, if the symptoms persist for longer than a week, it is often an indication of a potential health problem.

8 Symptoms of nasal congestion

  1. The patient feeling of shortness of breath.
  2. Stuffy nose due to an accumulation of mucus
  3. A chronic cough.
  4. Severe to medium Headaches.
  5. The inability of the patient to sleep from the clogging of the nose.
  6. Unable to breathe especially at night.
  7. Clogged or a runny nose
  8. Swollen nasal tissue
  9. Nose bleeding.

Mild Nasal Congestion

Home remedies are usually enough to relieve nasal congestion, especially if it is a symptom of a common cold.
However, if the nasal congestion is chronic, medical treatment is a MUST.

Causes of mild nasal congestion:

  • Simple diseases are the most common cause of nasal congestion.
    For example, colds, the flu,  and sinus infections.

9 Causes for severe prolonged symptoms of Nasal Congestion

  1. Allergies
  2. Hay fever
  3. Nasal polyps ( are benign and non-cancerous growth in the nasal passages or sinuses)
  4. Exposure to environmental irritants chemical substances with strong odors.
  5. Chronic sinusitis
  6. Nasal septum deviation
  7. Hormonal fluctuations and increased blood flow most often during the first trimester of pregnancy, can cause nasal congestion.
  8. Allergic reactions to certain types of medications.
  9. Gastroesophageal\acid reflux.

9 Tips On How To Get Your Nose Unclogged - Nasal Congestion Relief

1- Use of a humidifier or vaporizer.
Moisturizing the airway\passages may help to disperse mucus and calm nasal passages.
However, if you have asthma, ask your doctor before using any over the counter medication.
2 - Take a hot shower or try breathing into hot steam.
3. Drinking plenty of fluids, which can help prevent your sinuses from getting clogged.
4 - Use of nasal saline spray - salt\sea water nasal spray can be a simple yet effective treatment,
5- Avoid milk and dairy products because it increases your congestion.
6 - Nose Irrigation: -  It may seem strange, but this ancient technique of expulsion of nasal passages with water has some good scientific evidence,

⇒Nose irrigation washes out your nose using water from mucus and other debris - including Allergies-causing substances or germs
- while keeping the nasal passages moist

7 - Use warm compresses on your face, by applying a warm moist towel to the  forehead, nose and eyes area,
That will work on reducing the swelling in the nasal tissue.
8. Elevate your head at night, using one or more pillows under your head.
Keeping your head high may make you breathe easier.
9- Avoid chlorinated swimming pools.
Although you may think moisture can help, chlorinated water can irritate the mucous membranes in the nasal passages.

How To Get Your Nose Unclogged With 6 Effective Home Remedies

1- Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Apple cider vinegar removes excess mucus in the nose,
  • It also increases body immunity, works to eliminate bacteria and infections,
⇒mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of warm water and a tablespoon of honey
And drink it twice a day to get rid of the nasal congestion.

2- Garlic

  • Garlic is one of the most important home remedies,
  • It quickly eliminates bacteria and viruses,
  • helps get rid of nasal congestion quickly, As it works to combat respiratory infections;
⇒drink a glass of water with two mashed cloves of garlic.
Also can eat a cup of yogurt with two smashed cloves of garlic.

3- Camphor oil

  • Works as a quick mean of relief to get rid of nasal congestion for several hours
⇒Use two drops of camphor oil on a paper napkin and inhale it from time to time.


 Tea Tree Oil For Treatment of Nasal Congestion

4- Herbal Tea

  • Can make a useful herbal tea that relieves; mucus, symptoms of nasal congestion, colds,
  • It also works to expel toxins from the body,
  • In addition to its many other health benefits,
⇒mix a teaspoon of aniseed with a teaspoon of green tea, a teaspoon of ginger and a dried peppermint,
Mix them with boiling water cover for 10 minutes then drink it several times a day.

5- Black pepper

  • Relieves a lot of nasal congestion and cough,
  • It induces sneezing which helps to get rid of mucus clogging the nose and other bacteria,
⇒Take a teaspoon of ground black pepper and mix it with a tablespoon of sesame oil in the palm of your hand
and try to inhale them.

6- Fenugreek

  • Fenugreek contains many substances that help to get rid of congestion, inflammation, and cleanse the nose of mucus,
⇒Take two tablespoons of the fenugreek seeds and put in a glass of boiling water,
Leave it a little until it cools, and drink it twice a day.

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