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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

How To Take Better Care Of Your Skin - Skin Care Tips And Tricks

How To Take Better Care Of Your Skin - Skin Care Tips And Tricks


Chili not only adds a spicy note to your food, but it also makes your lips look fuller. The trick is easy: Mix a pinch of cayenne pepper with your lip color and apply with a lip brush. Its pungency promotes circulation and your lips will look much fuller.

First aid for your skin

Long distance and frequent fliers often suffer from dry skin. This is caused by the low humidity on planes. The cabin is acclimatized with the dry high-altitude air at 10,000 meters. To prevent your skin from feeling like parchment paper, you should drink plenty of water before the flight. Your cells store the water and your body can draw from this reserve during the flight. Apply a rich body lotion before your flight, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen if you have a window seat since UVA rays damage skin cells. During the flight, be sure to drink plenty of water and apply moisturizing face cream, e.g. from Diadermine.

Use hand cream to remedy running mascara

Who hasn’t had this happen? When black traces of your mascara have made their way onto your skin, don’t try to rub it off with your fingers; this only causes redness. Instead, apply a bit of hand cream or lip balsam and then remove with a cotton makeup pad.

The perfect pout!

“How can I transform my thin lips into a pouty, kissable mouth?” It’s easy: Simply create contours by using a liner pencil similar to your natural lip color 1-2 mm outside of the lips. Blend in the outline with a cotton swab, then fill in lips with light pink gloss. Simply irresistible!

Back in black!

If you notice that, despite repeated sharpening, your charcoal pencil still doesn’t paint a deep black, try holding the tip briefly in a flame and then blot with a towel: Lo and behold, your dark black has returned! The flame makes the surface of the charcoal more pliable and therefore easier to apply. Tip: Don’t make the tip too sharp—remember, the rounder the tip, the better the result!

A sweet remedy for calming the skin

Honey is an old home remedy for a tired complexion. It brightens the skin and has antiseptic as well as antibacterial effects. This is due to its rich combination of fructose, enzymes and B vitamins.

Eat tomatoes for youthful looking skin

Eat tomatoes! They protect skin from harmful environmental influences that speed the skin’s aging process. Ripe tomatoes contain carotenoid, which defends cells against environmental stress and UV radiation. This ingredient is also found in tomato juice, tomato paste, and ketchup.

Wrinkle-free skin

Certain critical points are found at the corners of the eyes and mouth. You can smooth these using soft massaging of these areas. This also has a calming effect in stressful moments. After all, nothing keeps you looking young like staying calm!

Energizing Tea

Who would have thought that teatime could make you beautiful? White, black, and green teas – when prepared correctly – can stimulate the entire organism, especially the skin. Caffeine, amino acids, and vitamins C and E improve micro-circulation, and tannin strengthens the tissue.

Moisturizing wonder: aloe vera

The leaves of the aloe vera plant contain an abundance of moisture and over 160 valuable ingredients. This perfect combination improves the oxygen absorption of the skin as well as cell regeneration and relieves sunburned skin.
The good old cucumber mask

Cucumber refreshes tired skin. It provides skin with intensive moisture and contains sulfur that refines the pores.
Therefore, don’t just add cucumbers to your salad, but apply them to your skin as a mask!


This fruit contains a highly effective mix that activates cells and keeps you looking young. Vitamin B, magnesium, calcium and fructose give you beautiful, youthful skin.

Bright eyes and rosy lips

What to do with excess eye cream on your fingertips? Don’t wash it off or wipe on a towel – use it to pamper your lips. The skin around the eyes and on the lips has a very similar make-up and therefore needs similar care. That’s why you can moisturize eyes and lips with the same product – and in any case, now you know what to do what’s left on your fingers!

Caring for your makeup brushes

Your brushes will thank you …The life of your brush can be extended dramatically if you wash it once a month as follows: Mix lukewarm water with a mild shampoo. Then wash your brush until the brush rinses clean in fresh water. Gently blot the brush dry, then reshape the head of the brush with your fingers or using a comb and let dry. Make sure that the bristles don’t touch any surfaces. Either stand on end or lay flat on a sink or table edge. If your brush comes into contact oil-based makeup such as lipstick than dip your brush in rubbing alcohol.

A steamy solution for irritated skin

Irritated skin tends to look older. A steam bath can help against any skin impurities: Sprinkle a handful of chamomile blossoms into a bowl of hot water. Then hold your head over the bowl for ten minutes – if possible, covered with a towel. The hot steam is calming to the skin and opens the pores. And chamomile has antibacterial effects.

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