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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Natural And Safe Ways To Relieve Chronic Constipation In Pregnancy

Natural And Safe Ways To Relieve Chronic Constipation In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyous and special time in one’s life. Many things change in a woman’s body during such an exciting event; from the moment of discovery to the day of birth. From morning sickness to constipation, some of these effects can be rather uncomfortable. The ever-changing process of childbearing can seem like a roller coaster ride for an individual’s body.

Morning sickness is the most common problem individuals deal with when bearing a child. It usually doesn’t continue through the entirety of the gestation period, however. There is another, more obscure and equally discomfiting topic that ladies sometimes experience: constipation during pregnancy. Taking a few preventative steps can help considerably.

Natural And Safe Ways To Relieve Chronic Constipation In Pregnancy

The cause of this irritating problem is easy to explain. Because the mother is carrying, literally, another life to support, the amount of food needed increases significantly. Many times the body has a difficult time digesting this unusual amount of calories. The bowels typically back-up when this happens and can cause many uncomfortable side-effects. Fortunately, there are many safe natural constipation remedies that can relieve this effect.

An individual can research online or ask friends, but many times solutions depend on the chemical make-up of the specific body. The good thing is that trying these natural remedies lead to no negative side-effects. Eating meals high in fiber may clear the digestive system and, at the least, provide a strong basis for a good diet. Whole-grains and some fruits and vegetables contain insoluble fiber that is especially good for relieving intestinal blockage issues. A great source of this can be found in prunes and figs.

Natural And Safe Ways To Relieve Chronic Constipation In Pregnancy

A natural food store can provide a myriad of healthy foods as well as remedies for common ailments pregnant women deal with every day. A good tip is to put a spoonful of ground flaxseed into each meal. This can lower the level of pain from constipation.
Another remedy available at these types of stores is herbal teas. Many of these teams are focused on treating common problems that women have while bearing a child. Some are meant to clean intestines and make bowel movements easier and less painful. By eating natural, fiber-rich foods and consuming other ingredients that are proven to treat ailments arising from childbearing can make this wonderful time even better.


A newer solution is probiotics. Live active cultures, in some research, have been shown to stimulate the digestive process. However, there are numerous reports that conflict with each other. Some tout the positive aspects, while others say that they have no effect at all. One should do a little research of their own before deciding whether probiotics are right for them.
Constipation during pregnancy can cause a once fun and exciting time to turn bad in an instant. The constant pressure and pain can be an intolerable irritant. By changing one’s diet and finding other, natural remedies, a person can diminish or prevent the negative effects.

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