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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Top 10 Tips On How To Treat An Infected Ear Piercing Without It Closing

Top 10 Tips On How To Treat An Infected Ear Piercing Without It Closing

Helix piercing penetrates the cartilage of your ear, so it usually takes a longer time to heal than the regular earlobe piercing.
The helix piercings healing process may be a tough experience for some people, while others do well with this type of piercing.

I just had my helix pierced a couple of weeks ago (helix to denote the outer part of the ear) which is also called a ‘Pinna’, or the sometimes called ‘Scaphoid Fossa’.
As many of my friends keep asking about my experience with helix piercing healing,
I thought about sharing some of the best pre-piercing and aftercare tips, that I found to be super effective for helix piercing healing 

How To Treat An Infected Ear Piercing Without It Closing

1) Always Go To A Professional Piercer

Any piercings Must be done by professionals – and professional ONLY.
As your piercer is the one able to tell you about the ups and downs of your piercing choice as well as some guidelines for taking after-piercing care,
you could even ask him\her for advice if you have any questions after you've done your piercing job done.

and you should be able to return if you encounter any problems or need to change the jewelry for any reason (which is not recommended during healing, ideally, as changing the jewelry can re-traumatize the wound).

2) Do Not Pierce your Helix With A Gun

Ear piercing guns are way too strong for piercing such sensitive areas as they cause tearing and scarring to your helix cartilage and the surrounding tissues.
Sometimes Piercing guns are not sterilized thoroughly!!
Thus causing swelling and inflammation or in best case scenarios are more painful than regular piercing needles, making your helix piercing healing process much harder and could take more than a month of time
The best way of speeding up your helix piercing healing time is by using a sterile hollow gauge needle.

3) Wisely Chose Your First Earring,  And Do NOT Take It Off For At Least 6 Weeks

Your professional piercer will probably give you a variety of jewelry that works well your newly pierced helix,
once you pierce your helix, you'll put on your jewelry.
The piercing jewelry is different from your regular jewelry,
And only choose a very high-quality piercing jewelry.
NOTE THAT: your piercing jewelry is the only thing that
Once your helix piercing is completely healed, you can now enjoy wearing any piece of jewelry you like.

4) Do Only One Helix Piercing At A Time

As we said earlier, Helix piercing healing time is probably longer than other types of piercing,
so sleeping on your newly pierced helix might be quite painful for the first few days
 As multiple helix piercings might look so cool and you might get tempted to do more than one at a time,
I would strongly recommend you to play it safe and do only one at a time, and give each piercing enough time to completely heal before doing another one. 

5) Keep Your Piercing Clean

Always clean your hands before you even touch your ears, change your sheets daily and maintain your pillow clean using only linen, as some polyester fabrics may irritate your wound, even more, prolonging your helix piercing healing process.
 Cleanliness is key for a piercing speedy recovery.

6) Use Salt Saline Baths

Salt or saline baths are a very good way of keeping your piercings clean and sterilized. Most professional piercers recommend soaking or rinsing your piercing in salty warm water many times a day for the first week after your piercing.
NOTE THAT: Peroxide and Alcohol or any other harsh chemical disinfectants, are strongly NOT recommended as they will your piercing more painful to deal with.

How To Prepare A Salt Bath:
  • boil a cup of water and pour it into a bowl
  • Add one tablespoon of salt (preferably pure rock salt).
  • Dissolve the salt well in the water
  • Leave the water to cool enough that it won’t burn.
  • Once it's warm enough for you to handle,
  • Rinse\Soak your helix piercing with the water
  • keep it there for 2-5 minute
  • Your piercing wound will probably sting gently.
  • pat your ear to dry very very gently or leave it to dry on its own
  • 2 salt baths are a good way for speeding up your helix piercing healing time.

7) Emu Oil Helps A Lot

Emu Oil is an ancient an anti-inflammatory agent that has been used for centuries by Indigenous Australians as a natural remedy.
Some professional piercers swear by its benefits (The Piercing Bible, calls it a miracle for healing piercings)
Just try to get the pure real thing not the fancy commercial stuff as real Emu Oil Do not have any smell to it.
Just lubricate your helix wound and the surrounding area with sterilized cotton swaps. he piercing wound, helping the healing process. I use a small amount twice a day.
NOTE THAT: Emu Oil is not suitable for vegetarians.
(If any of you know an alternative product for vegetarians, please let me know in the comments).

8) 5 Things To Avoid In The First Month

  1. Avoid tight jewelry.
  2. Avoid swimming in chlorinated waters of swimming pools.
  3. Avoid submerging your piercing in bathtubs as tubs may have some bacteria growing there, use showers instead.
  4. Avoid on your newly helix piercing.
  5. Avoid playing or touching the pierced area.

9) Just Give It Some Time To Fully Heal

Full helix piercing healing time may take up to a whole year to completely heal,
Yet, it'll be all good just after 3-6 months ( earlobe, that takes just 4-6 weeks to fully heal).
Helix piercings heal from the outside in so it may look all good on the outside, yet this doesn't mean it is fully healed.

More Importantly of all the previous,

everyone heals differently and some piercings in some parts of the body just don’t seem to work out on some people.
If it doesn’t work out for you, make sure you seek professional help and don’t blame yourself.
I'm so excited about my helix piercing so far,
and it is healing extremely well thank God.
Wish me luck with the undergoing helix healing process.
I hope you found this helpful, and if you have some more tips or questions fell free to leave a comment below <3

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