mama’s skeds

february 2oo4

wed. 4th 7-10 @ tango on tybee island

sun. 8th 11:54 AM mama trish turns *cough* 35

wed. 11th 7-10 @ tango on tybee island

thurs. 12th 9-12 @ B&D burgers southside

wed. 18th 7-10 @ tango on tybee island

thurs. 19th 7-10 @ B&D burgers southside

rolex cellini 39mm vr factory mens m50529 0006 stainless steel

wed. 25th 7-10 @ tango on tybee island

thurs. 26th 9-12 @ B&D burgers southside

mama’s diary

mama trish may be seen
playing regularly in the
following US cities:
savannah, georgia
hilton head, south carolina
atlanta, georgia

and sometimes
she plays in:
pensacola, florida
live oak, florida
new orleans, louisiana
gainesville, florida
new york city

aspen, colorado
and coming soon to:
the florida keys!