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Vital statistics:Born 2/8/69
5’10” tall
Blonde hair (for now…)
Blue eyes
voice, guitar, piano, congas, bongos, various asst. shakey toys, and “Oh My Darlin’ Clementine” on the harmonica.

writing music, lyrics, poetry, plays, and to-do lists. performing. painting. making and whacking piñatas.

“turn-ons” include kindness, a “think-for-yourself” mentality and a sense of humor.

“turn-offs” are people who litter, people who don’t recycle, and people who don’t use their blinkers.

“…a multi-faceted performer with a flair for the unexpected…”
– ghoti’s head, oct. 2001
“Mama is a tall, blonde bombshell who can sing like an angel and play guitar like the devil.” – Pensacola Downtown Crowd
“…people simply love what she does.”
– Christian Garman, Entertainment editor WEAR TV Pensacola, FL
Trish has a way of making everyone feel good around her.”
– Kelsey McDaniel, USAF
“…one of the most exciting, energetic, and charismatic performers I have had the pleasure of hearing in my career.”
– J.W. Green, (formerly of tipitinas, new orleans)
“All the goddess statues in Greece have toes like yours.”
– Lady Cayne (to m.t.), New Orleans, LA
“We, and our patrons, have never been disappointed with a Mama Trish show.”
– Bill Hauser, owner The Cigar Brewery Pensacola, FL
“She entertains like the show is just for you and she connects with the patrons.” – Nick Zangari, owner Olde Town Tavern Pensacola, FL“We Love Mama Trish!” – Mrs. Thompson’s 1st grade class, Gainesville, FL

mama’s diary

mama trish may be seen
playing regularly in the
following US cities:
savannah, georgia
hilton head, south carolina
atlanta, georgia

and sometimes
she plays in:
pensacola, florida
live oak, florida
new orleans, louisiana
gainesville, florida
new york city

aspen, colorado
and coming soon to:
the florida keys!