songlist and lyrics from mama’s

Renaissance Women & Dumptruck Girls

what’cha say

speak to the mountain and it’ll crumble
speak to the chains on your hands and feet and they’ll fall away
speak to the walls of jericho and they’ll come tumblin’ down
’cause brother, you get what’cha say!
now optimism’s never been my strongest trait
my faith’s been tossed to and fro
and how ever got myself into this state
i really just don’t know
i’d fallen again when i’d really tried
and i thought i’d broke my wing
and i wept a tear for a woeful bird
who thought she had no reason to sing
now my mama told me when i was a little child
“girl you better watch your mouth…”
and what your mama tell you carries lotta weight
when your’e raised in the bible-belt south
she said that if you really believe it
then mountains you can move
if you have faith as a mustard seed
nothin’ is impossible for you

me & you

it seems the harder i try the worse i do
when it comes to me & you
god give me patience, but please hurry!
i’ve got an awful lot to do
and it doesn’t help me to worry
losin’ my sanity over you
with all the stones that are in my path
sometimes it’s hard to go at all
and it’s more difficult not knowing
if you’re gonna catch me when i fall
“life is what happens while you’re making other plans”
if i may quote a man who knew
and perhaps “why?” is not the question here at hand
for i can ask it when i’m through

dumptruck girls

redneck bitches in a big ole truck
pick me up and drive me all over town
wonderful women keep my spirits up
i think that i have got the best friends around
and if there’s something you need pickin’ up
there’s nothin’ too heavy – they’re strong and they’re proud –
and if you fall, we’ll they’ll just pick you up
dust you off and set you on solid ground
dumptruck girls
dumptruck girls
dumptruck girls
they’re the sweetest things in the world
yeah dumptruck girls!
down at the landfill they all call her “tough”
but that ain’t nothin’ to get worked up about
you know i think i saw her mad only once
he called her “missy”, and then she knocked him out!
everyone stops and stares when she comes to town
one look and they can tell she ain’t from around here
is it the stogie hangin’ from her mouth
or that seductive way she opens her beer?
if all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players
i believe i’ll play the part i want to play
and i believe i’ll paint my pictures using all the blues and yellows
and i’ll say all i feel i have to say

renaissance woman
a capella

oh renaissance woman
won’t you take my hand
and show me the way
i must walk through this land
my soul it is willing
but me flesh it is weak
and you hold the answer
to that which i seek
oh renaissance woman
do you hold the key
in a shiny gold locket
kept hidden from me
and inscribed on the back
you can barely make out
“the key can’t be given
it must be sought out”
renaissance woman
i don’t understand
just where is my place in this land

kersey glen
guitar instrumental

…and the flowers

woe unto them that recognize not the beauty of romance
for she is the fairer younger sister of love
and in choosing not to see her rich tradition
wear those iron blinders all their days
the romance of life is thick
some days so deep you must wade through
but i myself don’t mind
i brought my slicker…
open your eyes
open your eyes
open your eyes
can you see?
woe unto them that think it a mere prelude
for getting of a suitor what one wishes
for some of life’s romances last a lifetime
others but a moment, or a day
all a deep connection with a memory
or a tree or a woman or a feeling
woe unto them that go through life without it
and dark the cloud that hangs a big black curtain in the sky
if only recognized romance would gladly take it’s place
waiting very patiently and quiet
in the moon and the stars in the mountains and the flowers
in the eyes of the vision that just smiled
your hand in mine
your hand in mine
your hand in mine
now you see
through the looking glass see
how romantic we will be
as we raise a glass to toast romantic life

redneck bar

(“the emancipated southern woman song”)
well you smiled at me so sweetly
from across that redneck bar
and i knew we were going to be friends
well i searched the whole world over
didn’t need to look that far
’cause now my search is comin’ to an end
all i ever wanted was a man to call my own
someone who’d be there when i got home
a man who knows how to cook and clean
a man who looks mighty good in jeans
a man who knows how to iron and maybe sew
all i ever wanted was a man to call my own
(it gets worse…)
well you smiled at me so sweetly
from across that redneck bar
you had all your teeth and you even seemed to hear quite clear
(for a man…)
so put a dime into the jukebox
come set down at the bar
and i will let you buy this girl a beer
all i ever wanted was a man to have and hold
someone to keep the sheets form gettin’ cold
a man who knows how to work on cars
set the clock on the VCR
a man who won’t take me fishin’ on a date
i didn’t know that it would be so hard to find a mate
well you smiled at me so sweetly
from across that redneck bar
and i knew we were going to be friends
well i searched the whole world over
didn’t need to look that far
’cause now my search is comin’ to an end
all i ever wanted was a man to sing me songs
and remember to put the toothpaste cap back on
a man with stories he don’t repeat
a man who’ll flip down the toilet seat
a man who won’t call me cutesy little names
but even if you’re none of that i love you just the same
well you smiled at me so sweetly
from across that redneck bar
so take my hand
i need a man
to call my own
(c’mere honey!)

midsummer night’s dream
(with shakespeare)

“what fools these mortals be…”
i heard it whisper’d me
beneath the waning moon i see
“how now, where wander you?”
“to hang the stars i do
as close to you as i can be
over hill and over dale
through brush, through briar
over park and over pale
through flood, through fire…”
i do wander everywhere
ooh, take the sense
sweet, of my innocence
an oath i swear by moon above
nightingale’s melody
has come to woo thee
fare thee well
she shall seek thy love
“thou speakest a’right,
i am that merry wand’rer of the night

song about love and life

i wanna write a song that makes life all brand new
and when i find it i’m gonna sing it to you
a song about the yellow sun in the sky
a song about the years as they fly on by
i wanna sing a song about love and life
and i’m gonna sing it to you
i’m gonna sit by your side at the riverside and sing you my song
just because everything ain’t right well that don’t make it wrong
and when i’m not around my song you can keep
wrap it’s arms around your neck and sing you to sleep
now sometimes life just likes to kinda sing on it’s own
then love breaks in with harmony so life’s not alone
the song they sing together is a strong melody
about me and you and love and life and how it could be
i want my song to follow you wherever you go
you’ll hear it and remember how you felt long ago
i want my song to go with you and whatever you see
the song that’s on your heart it will remind you of me


get out
go away
can’t stand to see that look on your face
don’t wanna hear what you have to say
this conversation’s through
get lost
take a hike
can’t stand to look you in the eye
i think that maybe i might cry
what the hell am i gonna do?
complicated my life always seems
aggravated how it feels to be me
and if i stated it’s all you fault now i see
i’d look like a bitch
so nevermind…
it’s over
and it’s done
remember when it used to be fun
but when i see you now i just wanna run
it’s not fair to me
it was fun
but too real
something with which i don’t wanna deal
i don’t want you to understand how i feel
i just want you to leave
you’re not my kind…

death and the bluebird of happiness
(written with craig couch)

well i just couldn’t understand it
how you could turn and walk away
and even now i still try not to think about it
’cause when i do i’m transported back to that day
i thought that we’d be friends forever
that we would love eachother ’til our dying day
to think we see eachother never
i can’t believe that it has all turned out that way
we had some fun
but other days
we had some pain
and through it all i stand there
i didn’t walk away
what do you say?
so now i’m movin’ on with my life
and where you are i cannot say
i’m sure you’re standin’ in the spotlight
and perhaps somehow i helped to get you to that place
and maybe someday
you’ll decide to reimburse me with the perfect kindly phrase
and my luck, i’ll be struck
by a big ole bluebird bus
as i’m tryin’ to walk away
it’s all about death
it’s all about death
it’s all about death
and the bluebird of happiness

summer and smoke
piano instrumental

mama’s diary

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