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Saturday, January 24, 2004 08:52 p.m.

hey guys. broken, but not beaten. got off the motrin and on to some herbal remedies. (supplemented with a stiff belt here and there.) got tired of hearing myself say “ow” so i decided to turn it either into a belly laugh (“HAHAHA!”) or a song. (“hahahahaaaaa!” – sung to the tune of “my dog has fleas”) now i’m sick of hearing myself do that. and another thing, it feels like all i’m doing is eating so i can take pills. or going to physical therapy. or going to the chiropractor. or going to the massage therapist. and usually i’ve got 4 hands around the house but honey is out on a top secret mission to cuba *shhhhhh* so i’m making due with 1. hand, that is. one hand against 8 dog paws. i’m outnumbered. and i need a lint-roller. *sigh* going to try and work this week. wed @ tango and thurs @ B&D.; come cheer me up, will ya? (i like daisies but i’m trying to get off the chocolates.) see, even at death’s door i made a funny… *goes to take a bow, hurts, and turns it into a song*

Friday, January 9, 2004 02:03 p.m.

hi y’all. i’m typing this with one hand, but i’ll come back to that… this year started out kinda weird. first i played a full-band gig on new year’s eve to a packed house. did rock, jazz, and motown. everyone seemed to like it. (even ms. sandra bullock stayed past midnite!) i still can’t believe i did “respect” without having to use my falsetto…

2 days later i did a set at the savannah folk music society. it was amazing. and intimidating. imagine a packed house that’s quiet and watching and listening the entire time. told them i’m used to a more rowdy crowd, so if someone could turn over a chair and get thrown out, that would make me really feel at home…

so i’m feeling a little musically schizophrenic. schizophonic, if you will. but that’s not the worst of it: was @ webmistress ghoti’s early monday morning, about to leave and come back to savannah for a dr’s appt, when i decided to take the dog for a walk. bad idea. nothing good ever happens to me at 6:30 AM. terra belle (said dog) ran in front of me while i was running, sent me airborne and crashing upside-down onto the pavement, where i broke my frickin’ collarbone AND wrenched it apart from my shoulder. i then proceeded to drive my F-150-king-cab-extended-bed-STICK SHIFT the 4 1/2 hours home – with my left hand! how’s that for adaptation?! (darwin, eat your heart out!) doc sez he usually only sees this injury in rugby players. *beams proudly* my mom (who broke HER collarbone) sez it hurts worse than childbirth. *beams proudly* yes, boys, i’m a bonafide tough-ass!

so, things here @ mama-land are going slowly and painfully. but at least i broke the only thing i could break and still play guitar and sing. and i’m ambidextrous, which means my handwriting is equally atrocious with my right and left hands. life is hard. you ever try putting on your undies with just your left hand? no easy feat, i tell you. *sigh* ow – mt

Wednesday, December 31, 2003 02:19 p.m.

tried to add an entry and it disappeared. so if the last entry made no sense, that’s why. was saying how cool it’ll be to not have to be 100% of everything tonite. i get to JUST SING on some stuff while annie, johnnie and ray PLAY. and i get to play percussion and mebbe some drums, too. so it’ll definitely be a one-of-a-kind show. perhaps i’ll write again tomorrow, if i’m not too dented…

Monday, December 22, 2003 01:03 p.m.

>”HO-HO-HO-HUM…” *SIGH* i gots the holiday blues, chillren. i don’t know WHY, exactly, i’m fed and i’m warm and i have people and dogs that love me and my life is filled with music and no one is shooting at me, but i’m still vaguely ill-at-ease. mebbe it’s just how crazy OTHER PEOPLE are right now.

you know who i’m talking about. the holiday assholes. (christmas, chanukah, and kwanzaa alike…) the ones who cut ahead in line. the ones who don’t hold the door for you. the ones who treat the folks behind the counter like non-persons. the ones who cut you off in traffic (without a blinker, i might add) and then flip you off when you beep at them to let them know how close they and their tic-tac of a bmw came to being so-much-speed-bump to me and my big-ass truck… *sigh*

i’m just saying that “some people” are not being very good examples of their religious holiday of choice. so when you’re out this holiday season ask yourself, “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?”

i’m pretty sure he’d use his damn blinker… mt

P.S. speaking of “what would jesus do”, i’m also pretty sure that if HE booked a gal to play at his downtown bar and restaurant on a thursday night, that HE would indeed pay me – er – HER what he said he would, not make her haggle AFTER she’d set up & played 3 hours, thereby saving her much un-needed holiday stress. check the calendar to see where she’s NOT PLAYING EVER AGAIN…

Tuesday, December 2, 2003 12:03 p.m.

i hope you all had a good thanksgiving! (i’m still feeling a bit sluggish from the tryptophan…) i’ve been getting a little ahead of myself this season. i’m actually almost finished christmas shopping. (amazing, for one whom, ” christmas is a season, not a day…” and, “it’s still christmas ’til you get all your loot!” is an explanation for why you’re getting your present in february…)

so christmas came early @ mama’s house this year. about a month early. my sweetheart, the light of my life, decided to surprise me with my own recording space: complete with digital recorder, condenser mic, and pink padded walls. (“thanks honey!”) so now i just have to record my material. i was having doubts about going with an indie label/mgmt, and had toyed with the idea of starting my OWN label, and now i have some tools with which to do so at my disposal! now all i have to do (besides record!) is come up with a name.


Tuesday, November 4, 2003 05:30 p.m.

my dear friends, allow me to put your fears to rest. i’m NOT moving to atlanta. i was just explaining (see previous entry)WHY so many of the good musicians bail on this town, NOT threatening to do so myself. (plus, if i bail it’s going to be for austin or new orleans…)

that being said, how was your weekend? mine was a hoot. i love halloween. it’s my favorite religious holiday. (that was a joke, people, loosen up…)so this year i cut my hair, went extra blonde, and went as marilyn monroe! (pics should be up shortly.) my date for the evening? elvis. in a flight suit that had been bedazzled. a lot. a whole lot. with a name tag that read, “flying elvis’s, savannah chapter” and we both wore biker boots. (marilyn would know better than to wear pumps in downtown savannah…)

went to a hollywood theme party first, where the host and hostess were ozzy and courtney love. (talk about SCARY!) then we went to the american legion hall to see bob and superhorse rock the house. it was like a highschool party. EVERYONE dressed up. (except for johnnie tango and the too-cool-for-school crew. heheh.) i saw skylab talking to marie antoinette. keith (the lead singer) had on a 2 foot tall white horse-head. all the crazy shit bob had on was from his real, regular closet. how bob.

what were YOU for halloween? what’s your favorite halloween costume ever? one year i went to my friend’s party as elvis (the fat 1970’s one) because she was marilyn. then i took a shower, changed, and came out as madonna off the blonde ambition tour. but i put a polaroid of me as elvis face down in my fishnets. i knew if i was dressed like a tart, some asshole would treat me like one. so the first drunken frat boy that took a tone with me i handed the polaroid to and said, “wanna see a picture of me BEFORE the operation?”

now THAT’S reaaallly scary – mt

Saturday, October 25, 2003 12:47 p.m.

the “PEARLS BEFORE SWINE” issue, or, “last night i played downtown…”
i’m a little bit ticked off about our gig in downtown savannah last night. johnnie (bass), mark (drums) and i (other) kicked ass last night! we did some hendrix (voodoo chile and watchtower) and zeppelin and jefferson airplane that was OFF THE HOOK! we might have been playing a morgue for all the reaction we got. and THAT is why, friends, the scene here is so lousy. NO LOVE + NO MONEY + NO RESPECT = “fuck you guys we’re moving to atlanta…” i don’t know how i can be clearer than that. it’s OK to applaud someone who is entertaining you. what do we get last night? a front row full of self-absorbed, cigar sucking pencil dicks. if you smoke a cigar, please, have the courtesy to NOT blow it in my face. (or any other singers. or any other PERSON, for that matter. it’s just common courtesy.)

so, to the nimrod who said (not to my face, mind you, little nancy boy), “that bitch just doesn’t get the big picture.” here’s the big picture, asshole: your mama should have taught you better manners. and if you’d like to say that to my face next time, i’ll take up her slack.

if you are dickless, buy a rubber one, just don’t smoke it in public…

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